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FloraLink Services

Here at FloraLink we provide you a wide variety of services that will benefit you in the process of buying directly from the highest quality growers in more than 10 countries. Below are listed some services but, for a full list of benefits, please contact FloraLink direct through the form on the left or by calling (801) 462-2882.

Services Provided:

We connect you with our network of 70+ farms and allow you to negotiate pricing and purchase directly from international growers.

Purchased product will ship to Miami via our network, which is one of the largest importers.

Volume Leveraging: Our network is one of the biggest importers of cut floral product in the United States.  When ordering through our system, your product will move through the channel with thousands of other boxes. Highly aggressive rates have been negotiated with freight forwarders and the airlines. You will benefit from the buying power of FloraLink.

FloraLink will consolidate all billing from farms, freight forwarders in South America, airlines that bring the cargo into the country, clearing costs associated with agriculture inspection and customs, as well as pre-cooling, and the tendering of freight to the carrier that will deliver to your locale.

Product will ship from Miami to your location via refrigerated truck, consolidated air shipment, FedEx, or any other carrier of your choice.

Product Availability: When the market is tight, you will have greater access to product. Many growers will fill orders for wholesalers before brokers because they receive a slightly higher return.

Product Customization: You will have the ability to communicate directly with each farm and be able to customize each box according to the type, variety, and color of the product that you wish to receive.

Advocate & Consultant:  FloraLink is here to guide you through the process. The founders have been buying directly from South American farms for 15+ years. We are interested in helping you find the right farm to fit your needs, whether that be the highest quality or lowest price.  We will help you receive wholesale pricing directly from the farm.  You pay what we pay!

We are here to help you navigate your way, and truly buy direct.