Why Join FloraLink?


FloraLink is your doorway to over 70 farms around the world. We put you in direct touch with the producers and thus allow you the opportunity to negotiate directly with the farms. We help provide that connection and act as an advocate through the process. When working directly with the growers you will have the advantage of being a direct wholesaler, and in many cases taking priority over standard brokers. This is going to allow you to have greater access to flowers at times when the market is tight. This is also going to include the benefits of customizing each box with the type, variety and color that you need.


Billing for product will be from the farm. This means that when you are able to negotiate more aggressive pricing, you are the beneficiary. Freight, clearing, and the import fee will also be billed as separate charges. Everything is done above board. No hidden sources, and no hidden fees. You will be able to see your costs as product moves through the system.